Are you a new Sitter with unanswered questions? If our frequently asked questions don’t answer them, please feel free to get in touch at any stage

Signing Up

We need to ensure your police-check has been covered under the Child Vulnerability Act, as well as being conducted within the last 12 months. If this is the case, we will require a physical copy of your police-check. If your police-check is accepted by us, you will not be charged to have your police-check conducted again. Please note that we need to police-check you every two years.

We work on processing every application that has come through our platform as soon as we can. If you have not heard back from us within one and a half weeks, please get in touch @ sitters@thebabysittersclub.nz. We experience a high demand for applications so we thank you for your patience, we will be in touch soon.

Please also remember, we do not work through applications over weekends, public holidays, after 5pm or for three weeks over the Christmas/New Year period (starting December 24th).

Babysitters Club is very strict with who they bring on board as a Sitter. We have a thorough process that involves;

Receiving an application letter from each Sitter;

If the application is approved, we then;

Interview the Sitter;

If the interview is successful and the Sitter meets our standards, we then;

Police-check the Sitter;

Reference-check the Sitter;

Induct the Sitter on The Babysitters Club standards and policies on what it takes to be a quality babysitter;

Induct the Sitter on their responsibilities for Health and Safety for the children within their care and themselves.

If their police-check and reference-checks are clean and successful we then;

Accept them onto our platform to begin taking on jobs.

Parents will place jobs through, where you (the Sitter) will be able to view the requirements of the job and apply should the requirements suit your experience and your availability. You will never be obliged to work a certain amount of hours at any time. If you can’t do the job, no worries, other jobs will come through that suit you better.

We do have a few restrictions in place for those who want to become a Sitter for Babysitters Club.

You need to;

- Be at least 18 years of age

- Have previous experience with children

- Not have a criminal record

- Have proof of identity

- Legally be able to work within NZ

- Understand that you must not work independently (outside of Babysitters Club) for any of the families Babysitters Club introduces you to.

- Be able to provide two references.

- Provide all the necessary documents required

Working with Babysitters Club means you have complete freedom over the the families you work for and the hours you work. You will be presented jobs relevant to your experience, and can apply for those that suit your timetable. If you don’t wish to work, simply don’t apply - it is as easy as that. We do have policies in place if you have been awarded jobs however, but we will go over this in your induction. It is all for good reason.

We pay our Sitter’s each Thursday on a pay schedule of Monday - Sunday. This ensures you are paid before the weekend. Your invoices are held against your profile under Payments & History.

You will be paid according to the ages and the number of children you are required to care for. Our minimum pay starts at $18 per hour and can go up to $31.50 per hour.

Police-checks can take up to 20 working days to be processed (1 month total). Unfortunately we aren’t told how close they are to releasing your results - so to make things easy for everyone, we will get in touch with you the day we receive them. We are hanging out to get these results back as much as you are - trust me. To ensure you have a copy, we will upload your results into your paperwork folder (only for you to see).

Yes - we have a lot of people who chose to work between different cities. We have opened our platform to allow you to enter in multiple addresses, so that you can pick up jobs wherever you are.

Yes! We take your safety and wellbeing seriously and have many things in place to ensure you are protected at all times. We will let you know about our processes for protection throughout the interview process. You can also find information around this on our ‘Helpful Resources’ page once you have been accepted onto our platform.

We charge parents credit cards to make things nice and easy for everyone. This means you will never be underpaid in any instance.

This is an unknown, as every family works so differently. We have some families who will book months in advance, and others who will book two hours ahead of when they need someone. As mentioned in the ‘can I set my own schedule’ section, you will never be forced to work at any stage, therefore, you can work around your own plans and if jobs fit in them, then get applying.

We allow more than one Sitter to apply for each job to ensure every family has options when choosing someone. We do give you a lot of guidance regarding to how to get lots of work and will help to ensure you get placed into as many jobs as possible. We have great programmes in place for this.

We are big on safety and protection, and ensure every babysitter within our platform is covered under insurance. The only cost you may have is the cost of a police-check should you require Babysitters Club to conduct this on your behalf. This cost is $10 fee including GST.

We do have a minimum sign up of four months.

Please contact us if you have any concerns around your application being denied. We are strict with who we bring on board for the purpose of keeping the children within our community safe, so if you feel that your application has been wrongfully denied, we would love to hear from you.

We will be in touch via email if your application has been successful. If your application has been successful, you will be emailed with more information on how to book your interview. You will also be able to book your interview via your Dashboard.

If a Parent or Sitter needs to cancel a reservation, it’s their responsibility to cancel as soon as possible. At times, certain circumstances outside of a Parent’s or Sitter’s control can impact their ability to fulfil the requirements of a booking. If Babysitters Club determines that a Parent’s reason for cancellation falls within a severe circumstance, i.e. unexpected death, Babysitters Club will ask you, (the Sitter) whether you wish to void any cancellation fees. This will be determined by the circumstance and agreement made.

In rare occasions, if Babysitters Club determines that a Sitter’s reason for cancellation falls within a severe circumstance, i.e. unexpected death, severe sickness, Babysitters Club may void their term of agreement for cancellation seen within Babysitters Club’s contract held between the Sitter and the company.

Babysitters Club will require as much notice as possible in the case that you were to need to cancel.