Things I’ve Learnt From My Parents

By Babysitters Club | September 10, 2018

“No matter how far we come, our parents are always in us.” ― Brad Meltzer

Whether you believe in nature or nurture, our parents teach us throughout our lives with their actions and words. As Sitters we often focus on what the children in our care are teaching us, but it’s nice to also acknowledge what we’ve learnt from our own parents. It’s also a nice reminder for you parents that you make an amazing difference in your children’s lives – especially nice to remember on the harder days!

One of our Sitters Megan used her birthday as a good time to look back at all the things her parents have taught her so far, many which we think will ring true for you too!

Enjoy her list below and take moment to think about what you have learnt from yours over the years, or what you want to teach your children.

Things my parents have taught me:

  1. Be available.

My mum is probably the most available person I know. Not because she has nothing to do – she’s always doing something or working through a crazy to-do list – but because she is selfless. Whenever any of us needed something, wanted to hear a friendly voice, or even just have a rant, she was there. When my grandma was sick my mum pretty much took a year off from her own life to do whatever grandma needed doing. Seeing this in action has taught me that that’s the kind of person I want to be and that nothing is ever so important that you can’t take even just a few minutes to be there for someone – even if it’s just a quick phone call or replying to a text.

2. Do the things you love.

Every Sunday morning my dad is up and cycling. Of the 6 kids only 1 of us (me) has joined his two wheeled obsession but that hasn’t put him off. Whether that’s on the road, mountain, even playing on the BMX track occasionally – he doesn’t care as long as he’s on a bike.

When work is crazy, which as the boss dog it often is, he will try and fit in his love by pedalling to work since he knows that’s the only time he’ll get all week.

This has taught me that there’s always time for the things you love and that when you make time for them the joy seeps into other areas of your life.

3. It’s never too late to try something new.

My dad has always been up for giving new things a go

“Hey dad, wanna do a half marathon with me?” ‘Yep”

“Hey dad, I’m nervous about this triathlon, can you do it too?” “Why not”

“Hey dad, p!nks coming to NZ, you in?” “Get me a ticket”

This tendency to try new things has resulted in some terrible adhoc recipes over the years, but it has taught me there’s much to be gained from from shrugging your shoulders and saying yes. And that the only barrier to ‘yes’ is yourself.

4. Food = love.

In my family we share our love through food. When someone’s had a bad day, we bake for them. When another person’s had a win, we bake for them. When we haven’t seen someone for awhile, we invite them around for dinner and you guessed it – bake dessert and make dinner for them.

I’ve started to realise it’s not so much about the actual food, it’s the time spent creating something purely to make someone else smile. Doing something for no return is one of the greatest actions of love I have learnt from my parents. There’s also the benefit of licking the bowl too, that’s an added bonus.

We would love to hear what your parents have taught you – message us on Instagram and we will share your learnings with our amazing followers.