What makes a good child carer GREAT?

By Babysitters Club | September 03, 2020

Parents have an awful lot on their plates so a great carer is one who proactively thinks about ways they can help out. A few little things can make a big difference to lighten the parents' mental load.

Check out some stories of great child carers who have blown their family away with small gestures:

"I was working from home, and feeling overwhelmed. Holly took my daughter for a walk to give me some extra time alone to relax. Whilst out they bought picked some flowers for me and then Holly helped my daughter write a special message, telling me all that she loved about me. It certainly made me feel better."

– Jenny, mother of a 7-year-old daughter

“I had a last minute meeting that meant I needed help the next day (a usual day off for Maddie). I called Maddie and she did not hesitate for a moment. She agreed to drop everything and assist me the next day so that I could attend. Her flexibility and willingness to help our family is something we are really grateful for, as we know she is there for us. ”

– Nicole, mother of a 1-year-old son

“Chris has special attention for each of our children including bringing a 'child-care box' with all sorts of activity resources within. He often bring balls to play in the backyard, books from the library and comes up with all sorts of fun ideas to encourage our children with things they are struggling with. For example - a great song to encourage teeth brushing. Everything he does, is without us asking...his extra efforts are endless.”.

– Holly, mother of two boys, 5 and 2 years old